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About Black Tie Protection Services

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With over a century of law enforcement experience, we are prepared to provide you with security tailored for all your needs.

Black Tie Protection Services (BTPS) is a fully licensed, insured and bonded security and investigations company. Founded in 2007, BTPS is headquartered in New York City with offices in New Jersey and Florida. Several of our current clients such as the Ziegfeld Ballroom, The Cutting Room, and Gotham Hall require us to provide both armed and unarmed guard service for special events as well as the protection of assets both during and after events occur. Our extensive record of success includes becoming labeled as the “Celebrity Security Firm” because of our extensive work in the entertainment field providing both personal protection and event security for some of the biggest names in the industry.

Our Event Security Process

The process begins by constructing an event security plan that takes into account the unique aspects of the event. With a comprehensive plan in place, we are able to deploy the resources to cover the event and can leverage, if necessary, our relationships with top industry partners to provide a wide array of logistical support services, including local law enforcement and emergency medical personnel. Analyzing the level of security and assets needed to address your event is our core specialty. The job of securing events requires strategic planning and professional resources and at BTPS we believe in empowering our clients and exploring all options available to you. Ensuring security at events is and should always be a critical component in any size event. Criminals and terrorists view events as “soft targets” (or low-hanging fruit), meaning these may become targets for crimes such as assault, terrorism, theft, and robbery. Large crowds also present the opportunity for special interest groups to demonstrate publicly, potentially resulting in significant disruption. BTPS protect against threats masked or posed by large gatherings by conducting extensive surveys and site observations, obtaining threat intelligence information from internal and external sources, developing detailed participant profiles, examining modes of transportation, and more.


BTPS will tailor event security solutions to specific venues, protecting against:

  • Injuries

  • Property damage

  • Theft

  • Disruption

  • Trespassing

  • Catastrophic attacks

  • Harassment

  • Threats

Many members of our team have solid, extensive backgrounds in law enforcement and have successfully performed as special detail members for U.S. lawmakers and dignitaries. While performing duties at special events, we secure all entry points, patrol venue grounds, check attendees’ credentials, bags, or other belongings, and install, utilize, monitor, and maintain electronic surveillance equipment if needed. No one can plan for every emergency, however addressing today’s ever-changing security challenges begins with carefully choosing the correct security partner.

COVID-19 Regulations and Enforcement

With this past year we have had to reinvent some of our processes to accommodate COVID-19 mandates. The health and safety of staff and guests remains the top priority at special events. There will be a risk at any event, so event organizers must be mindful of the risk and consider all factors before planning an event.


BTPS provides Covid-19 regulations and enforcement assistance in:

  • Revising occupancy limits and floor plans to ensure compliance with established social distancing guidelines

  • Monitor event entrances/exits, restrooms, elevators and shared spaces to control safe capacity, Increased availability of hand sanitizers.

  • Reduce practices — such as group photographs — that reduce social distancing.

  • Use of face coverings in concert with social distancing and other risk mitigation guidelines

BTPS brings the best possible security programs to your event, and we keep the programs current by staying on top of changes in access control technology, explosive and trace detection systems, and monitor DHS daily briefings. These developments in technology are ever changing and are reviewed regularly to ensure whenever possible, the most advanced technologies are deployed.



BTPS was founded


Combined years of law enforcement and military experience.


Security events


Our Expertise and Skills

Armed and Unarmed Security Officers

The role of the Security Officer has evolved far beyond that of the “Midnight Watchman” and today’s Security Officers are much more highly trained than those of the recent past. Unlike many other professions, rather than being replaced by technology, they have become a critical component in an organization’s complete protection plan where a necessary human being is required to provide the judgement, physical presence and personal communications required of an effective security prevention and response plan.

Skilled, Experienced Professionals

With Security Officer’s that are better screened, better trained and better managed, BTPS can provide professional and effective armed and unarmed guards to meet every one of our client’s protection needs for virtually any organization and across multiple industries. From the most basic non-profit organizations, to public/private schools, to Class-A corporate spaces, to industrial and government sites, BTPS has more than three decades of experience providing professional and effective guarding services at every level including:

  • Concierge

  • Fire Safety Directors

  • Supervisory

  • Vehicle and foot patrols

  • Special situations including movies/television production sets and public events 

Core Skills

Each BTPS guard, regardless of ultimate assignment receives the same basic training designed to build upon their state required certification training. Our training includes:

  • Access/Egress point control

  • Vehicle and pedestrian control

  • Patrol of facilities, grounds, and perimeters

  • Escort of materials and personnel

  • Property/Asset movement and removal

  • Emergency response

  • Basic law enforcement and first-responder liaison and coordination

  • Customer service

  • Dealing with disturbed people

Ultimate assignment is determined by a client’s needs and logistical factors including:

  • Nature of client’s business

  • Complexity and size of the site

  • Number of access points

  • Value of protected assets

  • Required number of patrols

Our Leadership

BTPS’s senior staff is comprised of experienced former senior law enforcement and military officers, security, and investigations professionals whose experience is second to none. They are highly trained and skilled in their professions and lead teams of leading industry leading experts in security, investigations, and due diligence.

ASIS International logo

Our leadership team proudly holds ASIS International certifications.

Kevin P. Schroeder

Mr. Schroeder is a retired NYPD 1st Grade Detective with 28 years of service. Born and raised on Manhattan’s West Side, in the Hell’s Kitchen area, Kevin comes from a long legacy of NYPD officers. Kevin has been involved in the investigation of many high-profile criminal cases throughout his career.


Upon his retirement, Kevin took a full-time role in expanding BTPS to the nationally known company that it is now.

Kevin has also been involved in fundraising for many years. He has helped raise funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, the Detectives Endowment Association’s Widows and Childrens Fund and the NYPD With Arms Wide Open fund. He has also helped his long-time friend, Steven VanZandt, with the creation of Little Steven’s Annual Policeman’s Ball where, together, he has helped to raise funds for several charitable NYPD organizations including With Arms Wide Open.

Eliyahu “Eli” Nimni

Mr. Nimni is an Israeli trained security and safety professional with over 22 years of experience. He specializes in account management, counter terrorism practices, guest relations, and security management across multiple industries that include international travel, hospitality, and executive protection.

Eli held senior management positions with other national security providers before joining the BTPS team. As an Operations Director, Eli is responsible for all operations of guarding the business nationally and has been part of our success for a decade.

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