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Executive Protection Service

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Security, protection, and confidence are the hallmarks of executive protection. This is more than your ‘average-Joe’ bodyguard.

You need armed and unarmed executive protection specialists that are leaders in their field with the skills and experience that make them far superior. You should know that whether you are at home or on the go, you are in safe hands.

Black Tie Protection Services, Inc. is committed to providing the best-in-class executive protection and secure travel services customized to meet the exact needs and preferences of our clients. We understand the concerns of individuals requiring protection services - and that is exactly what we are trained for. Our armed and unarmed executive protection specialists are vetted to recognize threats while providing safety and security for your legitimate concerns based on real world threats. We can and will address all security service needs in a professional and tactful manner via risk assessments, security advances, and trained guards to protect you from harm.

Here are some of the many services that our executive protection specialists can provide:

  • Security advances to surveille the anticipated trip to and from the planned destination in order to provide needed reconnaissance of both the route and the location

  • Armed and unarmed protection for traveling executives, diplomats, dignitaries and/or celebrities to and from business locations, meeting places, and social events

  • Monitoring for potential threats

  • Bug sweeping of rooms and spaces to complete a physical and technical advance survey in order to locate illicit electronic surveillance such as cameras and listening devices

  • Independent, third-party insight into existing executive protection structures

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