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Security Guard Service

Security guard monitoring a crowd.

With today’s constantly changing world, a camera just isn’t going to be enough.

An on-site security guard, or security team, provides ground-level support whether you are opening your shop’s doors for the first time, offering parking, or stocking a warehouse. Security experts are there to provide peace of mind any day, any time.

Black Tie Protection Services, Inc. security guards are carefully chosen based on their experience, aptitude, and professionalism. Our team is an elite group composed predominantly of law enforcement personnel and military veterans. We are professionally trained, protective security specialists that are experts in security strategy and analysis, emergency preparedness, and high-risk crisis operations. Catering to each location and providing protection to venues, personnel, and assets we ensure that they are not vulnerable to any threat or attack. They locate, prevent, and respond to a variety of challenges in accordance with local and international laws and are supported by our connection to law enforcement personnel. Our team can meet your needs by serving you in plain clothes, such as corporate and formalwear, or wear customized uniforms according to your specifications.

Our licensed and highly-trained security guards provide the best protection for:

  • Residential & commercial buildings, including offices

  • Religious institutions, schools, colleges, & universities

  • Retail stores 

  • Construction sites

  • Parking lots

While on site, we can offer these services, as well as many more, as part of our security solutions:

  • Armed or unarmed physical and on-site security tailored to your request and specifications

  • Fixed and roaming patrols to monitor site status

  • Access-control and entry-control points

  • Metal detector screening

  • Close Circuit TV (CCTV) monitoring

  • Visitor processing and screening

  • Personnel, staff, and vehicle screening

Time Square New York City street view.


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