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Special Events Security Service

A security professional monitoring a crowded event.

In today’s increasingly uncertain world, it’s never been more important to have security for your public and private events.

You need the security specialists who are among the best in the business when it comes to your special events. You and your safety are the highest priority.

Black Tie Protection Services, Inc. is here for you for your current events and those that you are planning for the future. You work hard to organize and execute special events and we’ll work just as hard to ensure that your VIPs and attendees feel secure and safe at all times. Our team provides a solid background in anticipating and avoiding threats in crowded public spaces without being cumbersome and overwhelming. From major events to intimate gatherings, preplanning and a strong security presence is needed for ensuring a safe space.

Black Tie Protection Services, Inc. delivers all-inclusive solutions to address the challenges of major special events including but not limited to:

  • Event security planning & delivery

  • Crowd management & control

  • Crisis response

  • Location and removal of dangerous items via metal detection and personnel inspection of guests and belongings

  • Traffic logistics

  • New York City permit acquisition through our strong relationships with the law enforcement community

  • Support and supplementation to existing venue staff and infrastructure 

Black Tie Protection Services, Inc. gives you peace of mind as they allow for effective security protection for events such as:

  • Grand openings

  • Film and theater premieres

  • Art gallery openings

  • Fundraising dinners

  • Political conventions

  • Charity events

  • Corporate marketing events

  • Public hearings

  • And many more - if you have an event, we have the coverage for you!

Time Square New York City street view.


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