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Cyber Security & Digital Protection

Cyber security specialist looking at computer monitors.

Today’s world is increasingly more and more digital. Cyber security is now imperative when it comes to protecting yourself.

A virtual threat is just as real and just as harmful as a physical one. Keep yourself, your identity, and your privacy safe and sound.

Black Tie Protection Services, Inc., has cyber security experts that stop at nothing to ensure your safety. If you receive a threat via social media or a hostile e-mail, we’re there to trace it in order to prevent damage. Working together, we test and evaluate systems, networks and digital assets for potential hazards. Once in the field, they work with your staff and managers to review security measures that are already in place. We understand that developing, implementing, and maintaining security policies minimizes vulnerabilities which thereby minimizes risks and threats.

Black Tie Protection Services, Inc.’s cyber unit will:

  • Maximize efficiency in cyber systems to guard against potential attacks 

  • Trace virtual threats, such as malicious emails, in order to provide data to appropriate law enforcement agents

  • Perform vulnerability testing and security checks to create estimate the threat and risk level

  • Conduct ongoing monitoring, as needed, to keep systems up-to-date

  • Monitor internet safety problems and the applicable departments to craft tailored solutions for your exact needs

  • Working closely with other security personnel to ensure complete protection for your complete safety

  • Review findings to create actionable and preventative solutions

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